Tuuli Nurminen

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We conducted a retrospective cohort study to investigate whether work as a cabin attendant is related to an increased risk for spontaneous abortion. Data on female cabin crew members were linked to medical records on pregnancies. There were 1751 eligible pregnancies for the final analysis. Flight attendants who worked during early pregnancy had a slightly(More)
  • T Nurminen
  • Journal of occupational and environmental…
  • 1995
Exposure to pesticides is inherent in many agricultural jobs. Most of the interest in connection with pesticides and pregnancy outcome has been directed to birth defects. Some indications of an elevated risk of limb anomalies have been associated with ecologic exposure, maternal environmental exposure to pesticides determined by the mother's place of(More)
The study tested the hypothesis of exposure to noise during pregnancy being teratogenic. It included 1,475 Finnish mothers who had given birth to a malformed child (orofacial cleft or structural defect of the central nervous system, skeleton, or heart and great vessels) and 1,475 reference mothers. A special interview soon after delivery yielded the primary(More)
The study examined the possible relation of occupational noise exposure to adverse pregnancy outcomes. The experience of 1,190 reference mothers from a case-referent study based on the Finnish Register of Congenital Malformations was scrutinized. Exposure to noise was blindly assessed from a description of the mother's workday by two industrial hygienists.(More)
In a test of the widely publicized allegation that exposure to video display terminals causes birth defects, interview forms of mothers of 1 475 children reported consecutively to the Finnish Register of Congenital Malformations to have defects of the central nervous system, orofacial clefts, skeletal defects, or cardiovascular malformations and the forms(More)
Questionnaires were sent to qualified nurses (QNs) and nursing aides (NAs) to study the prevalence of low-back pain (LBP) and sciatica in relation to age, work-load, free time activities, menstruation, pregnancies and number of children. LBP and sciatica severe enough to make them unfit for daily tasks were significantly more common in NAs. Back injury and(More)
We studied the relation between birth defects and maternal agricultural work in a nationwide time- and area-matched case-referent series of 1,306 pairs of infants (581 orofacial clefts, 365 central nervous system defects, 360 skeletal defects) obtained through the Finnish Register of Congenital Malformations. We supplemented the Register data, including the(More)
  • T Nurminen
  • Scandinavian journal of work, environment…
  • 1998
Nonstandard workhours may disturb normal body functions, but their relation to reproductive outcome is poorly understood. Two newly published studies suggest an association between rotating shift work and prolonged waiting time to pregnancy. Seven of nine studies on spontaneous abortion suggest that some forms of shift work may be associated with increased(More)
The effects of physical work load during pregnancy were analyzed in connection with a nationwide case-referent study that screened for associations between selected structural malformations and occupational exposures. The strain of the occupational activities of 1475 mothers of malformed infants and an equal number of mothers of noncase babies was assessed(More)