Tutomu Haga

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During November, 1992, to May, 1994, 13 patients were treated at Haukeland University Hospital, Norway, for necrotising fasciitis due to group A beta-haemolytic streptococci. 3 patients died, 1 before admission. Mucoid group A streptococci were isolated from affected tissue (12 patients) and/or blood (5). Strains from 11 patients were serotype M-1 (5(More)
The bioavailability and diuretic effect of furosemide 40 mg administered orally for at least 6 months have been compared in patients with chronic respiratory failure and in healthy controls. The mean urinary recovery of unchanged drug was 11.5 mg and 9.41 mg in 24 h after pre- and postprandial administration to 10 patients, whereas the recovery was 14.4 mg(More)
We evaluated the brain lesions of patients with chronic alcoholism (n = 34) in comparison with age- and sex-matched controls (n = 40) by MR imaging. T1-weighted sagittal and axial images and T2-weighted axial images were obtained with a 0.5 T superconducting MR unit. Various brain measurements were then performed, and the presence of regions of abnormal(More)
American trilliums are all diploid and are classified into three groups with regard to compatibility withTrillium kamtschaticum, a single diploid Asian species: (1) Compatible pedicellate-flowered species, i.e.T. erectum, T. gleasoni, andT. vaseyi. (2) Incompatible pedicellate-flowered species, i.e.T. grandiflorum. (3) Incompatible sessile-flowered species,(More)
We report a patient who began to have clusters of seizures characterized by brief elevation of the right arm at 6 months of age. An interictal electroencephalogram (EEG) at 7 months revealed hypsarrhythmia without definite asymmetry. Simultaneous EEG and video recording disclosed that these focal spasms were associated with fast wave bursts superimposed on(More)