Tushar Modi

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We study the effects of the shear force on the rupture mechanism on a double stranded DNA. Motivated by recent experiments, we perform the atomistic simulations with explicit solvent to obtain the distributions of extension in hydrogen and covalent bonds below the rupture force. We obtain a significant difference between the atomistic simulations and the(More)
Using Langevin dynamics simulations, we study effects of the shear force on the rupture of a double stranded DNA molecule. The model studied here contains two single diblock copolymers interacting with each other. The elastic constants of individual segments of diblock copolymer are considered to be different. We showed that the magnitude of the rupture(More)
We consider a homogeneous DNA molecule and investigate the effect of random force applied on the unzipping profile of the molecule. How the critical force varies as a function of the chain length or number of base pairs is the objective of this study. In general, the ratio of the critical forces that is applied on the middle of the chain to that which is(More)
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