Tushar Kumar

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There has been a gradual change in the socio-demographic trends of ocular/adnexal cysticerosis. We present the results of a 5-year study of 33 cases of ocular/adnexal cysticercosis and compare our observations with those reported by previous authors. The male:female ratio in our study was 2:1 and maximum number of patients (45%) belonged to the age-group of(More)
The objective was to compare the dosimetry of Helical TomoTherapy (TOMO) and Gamma Knife (GK) treatment plans for tumor and normal brain in the treatment of single and multiple brain tumors. An anthropomorphic Rando Head phantom was used to compare the dosimetry of TOMO and GK. Eight brain tumors of various shapes, sizes and locations were used to generate(More)
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