Tushar Krishnan

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alpha-Amylase produced by Bacillus licheniformis CUMC305 was purified 212-fold with a 42% yield through a series of four steps. The purified enzyme was homogeneous as shown by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and discontinuous gel electrophoresis. The purified enzyme showed maximal activity at 90 degrees C and pH 9.0, and 91% of(More)
The effects of oilseed cakes on extracellular thermostable alpha-amylase production by Bacillus licheniformis CUMC305 was investigated. Each oilseed cake was made of groundnut, mustard, sesame, linseed, coconut copra, madhuca, or cotton. alpha-Amylase production was considerably improved in all instances and varied with the oilseed cake concentration in(More)
INTRODUCTION Directional deep brain stimulation (DBS) leads designed to preferentially stimulate structures radially about the DBS lead are currently under development. Recent publications have demonstrated the ability of these leads to obtain directional effects during acute testing in patients. Here we will use computational modeling to demonstrate that(More)
The existence of any relationship between extracellular alpha-amylase production and sporulation in Bacillus licheniformis CUMC 305, when grown in the presence of different carbohydrates, was investigated. It was noted that alpha-amylase production in the organism was almost complete during the period of maximum sporulation, irrespective of the carbon(More)
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