Tushar Kanti Saha

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Cloud computing has been able to change the present style of computation all over the internet. This technology has proved itself as a blessing of computational science because of its ability for releasing massive computational and storage load with reducing cost from anywhere to any user and any time. Now the concern is how secured and reliable the service(More)
We propose two secure protocols namely private equality test (PET) for single comparison and private batch equality test (PriBET) for batch comparisons of l-bit integers. We ensure the security of these secure protocols using somewhat homomorphic encryption (SwHE) based on ring learning with errors (ring-LWE) problem in the semi-honest model. In the PET(More)
Till now, many transfer capability techniques are performed in a simplified manner, with limited consideration of security constraints. This is unacceptable as the risks for not evaluating security impacts are high. There have been doubts on whether current techniques could provide secure transfer capability assessment and thus introducing a new challenge.(More)
We trap absorbing micro-particles in air by photophoretic forces generated using a single loosely focused Gaussian trapping beam. We measure a component of the radial Brownian motion of a trapped particle cluster and determine the power spectral density, mean squared displacement, and normalized position and velocity autocorrelation functions to(More)
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