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SUMMARY Growth performance data of the local goats of Malaysia and their crossbreds with the German (Improved) Fawn goats were analysed using animal models with maternal effects, in order to estimate additive genetic and crossbreeding parameters. Two different genetic models, the Dickerson (1969, 1973) model and the Kinghorn (1980, 1983) model, were used to(More)
We have investigated the dynamics and mechanistic details of the interaction between bovine serum albumin (BSA) and allylamine-capped silicon quantum dots (Si QDs) by means of fluorescence spectroscopy, circular dichroism (CD), and FTIR spectroscopy. The intrinsic fluorescence of BSA gets quenched in the presence of Si QDs due to ground-state complex(More)
The holotype of Caliris keralensis (Vyjayandi et al. 2006) (Mantodea: Caliridinae) is reviewed along with another paratype female not listed by the authors. The male of this species is re-described in details and is assigned paratype male. Photographs of the specimens are given. Male genital complex is described for better understanding the species.
Understanding and resolving the mechanisms that affect the photoluminescence (PL) of Si QDs are of great importance because of their strong potential for optoelectronic and solar cell materials. In this article, the intrinsic exciton dynamics of water-dispersed allylamine-functionalized silicon quantum dots (Si QDs) have been explored as a function of(More)
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