Tushar Kanti Hazra

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We present three cases of persistent corneal edema secondary to presumed dead adult filarial worms lying in the anterior chamber with their attachment to the endothelium. Two of them were initially diagnosed as descemet's fold with corneal edema. Two patients underwent penetrating keratoplasty and in one case, surgical removal was partly possible with(More)
Lodgment of foreign bodies in the aero-digestive tract commonly occurs in the infant and children (Hazra et al, Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 1993;2:216). Children especially between 1 and 3 years appear to be more vulnerable (Aylec et al, J Thoracic Cardiovascular Surg 1977;74:145). Ninety percent of these foreign bodies are accidental in nature and(More)
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