Turgut Akgul

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The purpose of this study was to describe our experience with poorly perfused hands after supracondylar fracture of the humerus (SFH) in children and to present mid-term outcomes of a single trauma center. This is a retrospective analysis of SFH patients with vascular injuries, conducted from 2003 to 2012. Nine patients (2.1% of all SFH patients) underwent(More)
AIMS The purpose of this study was to report a less seen age-group (>90) of hip fractures and to assess the predictors of functional loss, complications and mortality. METHODS Thirty-two patients at a mean age of 92.8 (±2.7) were treated in a single institution and reported at a mean follow-up of 2.02 (±1.35) years. RESULTS Mortality was similar between(More)
To comparatively evaluate the biomechanical alterations those occur in the sagittal plane of sacropelvic junction in angular kyphosis (AK) and Scheuermann kyphosis (SK) patients after surgery. The spine radiographs of 52 patients operated for short-segment AK (n = 20) or SK (n = 32) were studied. Main outcome measures were sacral slope, pelvic incidence,(More)
PURPOSE The aim of our study is to investigate the bone ongrowth of two different alternative surfaces and the effect of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) on osseointegration. METHODS Hips of 40 New Zealand white rabbits were operated bilaterally. Hydroxyapatite (HA)-coated titanium rods were implanted into the right femur, and grit-blasted(More)
INTRODUCTION There are various pathogens reported for osteomyelitis. Osteomyelitis is bone infection which produces pain and fever, also threatens bone instability. It can lead to nonunion. The purpose of this report was to describe a case with union delay of the tibia due to serratia marcescens osteomyelitis. Serratia marcescens is an unexpected pathogen(More)
We documented brachial plexus injury by electromyography and magnetic resonance imaging secondary to needle sticks for central line insertion. This type of complication is rare in the literature, as few case reports exist. Brachial plexus injury can happen because of anatomic variations. Nevertheless, multiple attempts or introducer needle rotations should(More)
Growing rod is a commonly used surgery for early-onset scoliosis (EOS). However, the effect of growing-rod lengthening on the spinopelvic alignment is unclear. In this study, 21 EOS patients treated by growing rod were evaluated retrospectively and thoracic kyphosis (TK), lumbar lordosis (LL), pelvic incidence (PI) , sacral slope (SS), pelvic tilt (PT), and(More)
The management of nonunion and limb length discrepancy has remained a constant challenge in hemophilic patients. In this study, we aimed to present the treatment of femur infected nonunion and limb length discrepancy in a twenty-seven-year-old patient with hemophilia type A. A 27-year-old male patient with hemophilia type A referred to our institution for(More)
Grade 3C open femur fractures are challenging injuries with higher rates of complications. This is a retrospective review of grade 3C open femur fractures with vascular repair between 2002 and 2012. Outcomes included initial MESS score, additional injuries, duration of operation, complications, secondary operations or amputations, and social life(More)