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The mastoid air cell system is an important contributor to the pathophysiology of middle-ear inflammatory disease. The mastoid cavity is not only an air reservoir, but also an active space for gas exchange. Various methods of temporal bone imaging have been designed to investigate mastoid pneumatization. In this study, we examined 100 normal temporal bones(More)
The distances between the important neural and vascular structures in normal temporal bones were measured by using high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT). We examined 100 normal ears in 50 subjects ranging in age from 15 to 72 years (mean age 39 years). We measured the distances from the medial lip of the posterior wall of the internal auditory canal to(More)
There has been a growing interest in why and how test anxiety affects foreign language learning process. As an affective factor, test anxiety has been investigated in different contexts in the past two decades. This study aims to examine the relations among the factors such as likelihood of university students’ gender, age, higher education experience, and(More)
OBJECTIVES We evaluated operative success rates of endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy with or without bicanalicular silicone tube implantation. PATIENTS AND METHODS Twenty-six eyes of 24 patients with simple epiphora (23 eyes) or chronic dacryocystitis (3 eyes) were treated by endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy with (18 eyes) or without (8 eyes) bicanalicular(More)
Surveillance, based on mass mediatic control and discipline established by this means of control is a fundamental concept in the idea of society. While the traditional, classic type of surveillance is “panoptic” surveillance, which is based on the control of majority by over authorized minority; conversely, its majority may define today’s modern media(More)
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