Turan S Huseyin

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UNLABELLED This study was carried out to establish the length of time over which an individual can maintain effective chest compressions and the most effective pattern of rest and handover among a team. The continuing effectiveness of chest compressions was compared between groups of 2 or 3 rescuers performing chest compressions for 1, 2 or 3 min during(More)
OBJECTIVES To answer concerns related to implementation of the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guideline on the management of head injury by determining the impact on the workload of a district general hospital. Increased computed tomography (CT) was of particular concern (cost, radiation risk, and delivery constraints). METHOD(More)
Concentration-effect relationships between oral theophylline and its nonpulmonary pharmacodynamic effects were examined in a double-blind, randomized, two-way crossover study in which 10 healthy subjects received a single dose of 500 mg ordinary-release theophylline or placebo. Mean plasma theophylline concentrations rose to 16.1 mg.L-1 at 1 hour and 16.8(More)
A case report describes the successful aspiration of a non-deflating suprapubic urinary catheter by passing a cannula directly down the fistula tract. It is a relatively safe and simple procedure that can be performed in an accident and emergency department. R eplacing a long term suprapubic urinary catheter in accident and emergency is not uncommon. They(More)
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