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The full-custom CMOS realization of a new modular sorting architecture is presented. The high-performance architecture is based on rank ordering, and on efficient implementation of multi-input majority (voting) functions. The overall complexity of the proposed bit-serial architecture increases linearly with the number of input vectors to be sorted (window(More)
There is need for several software systems within the energy domain and corresponding systems are being developed to satisfy these needs. These systems include energy monitoring, information, wide area monitoring and control systems, and SCADA systems. Energy monitoring systems are one of the most important and common systems among them. In this study,(More)
Efficient integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity grid has become one of the challenging problems in recent years. This issue is more critical especially for unstable energy sources such as wind. The focus of this work is the performance analysis of several alternative wind forecast combination models in comparison to the current(More)
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