Turan Demirci

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The full-custom CMOS realization of a new modular sorting architecture is presented. The high-performance architecture is based on rank ordering, and on efficient implementation of multi-input majority (voting) functions. The overall complexity of the proposed bit-serial architecture increases linearly with the number of input vectors to be sorted (window(More)
In this paper, the National Power Quality Monitoring System, which is designed to monitor the power quality (PQ) of the Turkish Electricity Transmission System is presented. The National PQ Monitoring System consists of three main parts: PQ monitors, which are installed all over the country; a monitoring center, which collects the data sent by the power(More)
This paper describes an enhanced monitoring and forecast system for the electrical power generated from wind in Turkey. Wind power plant (WPP) owners, transmission system operator, distribution system operators, and renewable energy experts are the shareholders of this system. The developed monitoring and forecast system is composed of wind electricity(More)
This paper deals with the development and implementation of a current-source-converter-based static synchronous compensator (CSC-STATCOM) applied to the volt-ampere-reactive (VAR) compensation problem of coal mining excavators. It is composed of a plusmn750-kVAR full-bridge CSC with selective harmonic elimination, a low-pass input filter tuned to 200 Hz,(More)
In this paper, the combination of a thyristor-switched shunt reactor and a current source converter-based active power filter has been proposed for mitigation of power quality (PQ) problems of Light Rail public Transportation Systems (LRTSs) fed by long medium-voltage underground cables. A case study has been carried out on a typical LRTS to assess the(More)
There is need for several software systems within the energy domain and corresponding systems are being developed to satisfy these needs. These systems include energy monitoring, information, wide area monitoring and control systems, and SCADA systems. Energy monitoring systems are one of the most important and common systems among them. In this study,(More)
Integration of the wind power into the existing transmission grid is an important issue due to discontinuous and volatile behavior of wind. Moreover, the power plant owners need reliable information about day-ahead power production for market operations. Therefore, wind power forecasting approaches have been gaining importance in renewable energy research(More)