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Microbial processes in soil are moisture, nutrient and temperature dependent and, consequently, accurate calculation of soil temperature is important for modelling nitrogen processes. Microbial activity in soil occurs even at sub-zero temperatures so that, in northern latitudes, a method to calculate soil temperature under snow cover and in frozen soils is(More)
The conceptual and parameter uncertainty of the semi-distributed INCA-N (Integrated Nutrients in Catchments-Nitrogen) model was studied using the GLUE (Generalized Likelihood Uncertainty Estimation) methodology combined with quantitative experimental knowledge, the concept known as 'soft data'. Cumulative inorganic N leaching, annual plant N uptake and(More)
Teknillinen korkeakoulu Rakennus-ja ympäristötekniikan osasto Vesitalouden ja vesirakennuksen laboratorio 2 Koivusalo, H., Process-oriented investigation of snow accumulation, snowmelt and runoff generation in forested sites in Finland, ABSTRACT OF DOCTORAL DISSERTATION Author Harri Koivusalo Name of the dissertation Process-oriented investigation of snow(More)
Many crop models relate the allocation of dry matter between shoots and roots exclusively to the crop development stage. Such models may not take into account the effects of changes in environment on allocation, unless the allocation parameters are altered. In this paper a crop model with a dynamic allocation parameter for dry matter between shoots and(More)
This paper combines an empirical paired-catchment method with hydrological simulation techniques in quantifying and explaining the influence of forest removal on streamflow generation. The pair of catchments (56 and 29 ha) is located in a northern boreal zone in eastern Finland. As the first part of the study, measured streamflows from the two catchments,(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT Forest management practices such as clear-cutting, site preparation, ditching, and ditch network maintenance increase nitrogen (N) load to streams. In environmentally sustainable forestry, water protection actions are required to decrease the nutrient loading. These include e.g. use of uncut buffer zones between a clear-cut area and a(More)
In this paper, we describe Antroposeeni, a mixed reality game designed and developed for mobile devices. Antroposeeni utilizes location-based services, GPS for tracking users and augmented reality techniques for displaying captivating audiovisual content and creating rich experiences. Our demonstration will introduce a pilot version of the game, which(More)