Tuomas V. Kerola

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BACKGROUND Early repolarization, which is characterized by an elevation of the QRS-ST junction (J point) in leads other than V(1) through V(3) on 12-lead electrocardiography, has been associated with vulnerability to ventricular fibrillation, but little is known about the prognostic significance of this pattern in the general population. METHODS We(More)
BACKGROUND Early repolarization (ER) in inferior/lateral leads of standard ECGs increases the risk of arrhythmic death. We tested the hypothesis that variations in the ST-segment characteristics after the ER waveforms may have prognostic importance. METHODS AND RESULTS ST segments after ER were classified as horizontal/descending or rapidly(More)
BACKGROUND Prolonged duration of QRS complex in a 12-lead ECG is associated with adverse prognosis in patients with cardiac disease, but its significance is not well established in the general population. In particular, there is a paucity of data on the prognostic significance of nonspecific intraventricular conduction delay in apparently healthy subjects.(More)
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic inflammatory disease which is associated with an increased cardiovascular (CV) burden. Whether the risk is already present at the time of RA diagnosis remains a key area of debate. The aim of this review was to evaluate the existence of both subclinical CV changes, including endothelial dysfunction and atherosclerosis,(More)
BACKGROUND Early repolarization (ER) in the inferior/lateral leads predicts mortality, but whether ER is a specific sign of increased risk for arrhythmic events is not known. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to study the association of ER and arrhythmic events and nonarrhythmic morbidity and mortality. METHODS We assessed the prognostic(More)
AIMS Prolonged PR interval, or first degree AV block, has been traditionally regarded as a benign electrocardiographic finding in healthy individuals, until recent studies have suggested that it may be associated with increased mortality and morbidity. The aim of this study was to further elucidate clinical and prognostic importance of prolonged PR interval(More)
AIMS To examine the course of lymphocytic gastritis and its relation to Helicobacter pylori (H pylori) infection in a 10 year follow up. METHODS Ninety six patients were originally examined for dyspepsia in 1981. Gastroscopies with stepwise biopsies were performed on all the patients initially and after an interval of 10 years. RESULTS Nine per cent of(More)
AIMS Sarcoidosis is a multisystem, granulomatous disease with occasional cardiac manifestations. The clinical course of patients with ventricular tachyarrhythmias as a primary presentation of sarcoidosis is mostly unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS We describe nine patients (four males and five females) in whom sarcoidosis manifested as ventricular tachycardia(More)
INTRODUCTION It is known that blood levels of natriuretic peptides associate with cognitive disorder among the middle-aged. We aimed to test whether this association is valid in an older population aged 75 years or older. METHODS A total of 601 older subjects aged 75 or older participated in the study. A subgroup of 137 with a diagnosed cognitive disorder(More)
OBJECTIVE AND DESIGN Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors are reported to inhibit the collagen accumulation involved in left ventricular hypertrophy. We tested the effect of captopril and enalapril on the conversion of procollagen to collagen in short-term tissue cultures in order to study the possible mechanisms by which the antifibrotic effect of this(More)