Tuomas Lappalainen

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The Solar Shirt is a wearable computing design concept and demo in the area of sustainable and ecological design. The Solar Shirt showcases a concept, which detects the level of noise pollution in the wearer's environment and illustrates it with a garment-integrated display. In addition, the design concept utilizes printed electronic solar cells as part of(More)
In this paper, we present a concept design and a prototype that utilizes a candle as communication media. We present a motorized candle stand, which casts different shadows on the wall based on messages received by a mobile phone. We envision that this pervasive display concept is suited for emotional communication,. Our work has novelty in human-computer(More)
Mountains are a place where many extreme sports take place. These sports are often associated with extreme contextual factors, such as altitude or speed, and the equipment is typically of high quality, high performance, and high cost. However, gear in this domain typically has a low level of information and communications technology integration. Yet, there(More)
In this paper, we address handbags as interactive mobile devices. As handbags are typical accessories carried practically by half of the adult population when on the move, they offer an interesting and widely distributed platform for mobile computing. As handbags are visible items representing the user's style, and form part of the user's overall outfit,(More)
In this demo we present a tangible UI concept for controlling the color of lighting. The interaction is performed by placing different color glass objects to a bowl of water. The system demonstrates an aesthetic design for a tangible UI, and aims to provide the user an experience-rich haptic UI. The demo aims towards decorative and calm UIs for home control(More)
Candles are widely used in the home environment to create an intimate atmosphere, and they are often lit when thinking of a loved one. We took this as inspiration to create a natural candle based display for emotional communication. We demonstrate a display created by the shadows cast by a candle, which is placed on motorized candle stand. When the user(More)
In this paper, we explore design preferences and possibilities for smart handbags from the user perspective. We present designs and findings derived through a co-design process, which consisted of two studies; first with individual drawing based brainstorming (n=20), and second with two co-design workshops (n=10), where participants assessed different(More)
This paper explores experiences with ring and bracelet activity tracker form factors. During the first week of a 2-week field study participants (n=6) wore non-functional mock-ups of ring and bracelet wellness trackers, and provided feedback on their experiences. During the second week, participants used a commercial wellness tracking ring, which collected(More)
Wearable computing for the winter context is so far little explored. As well as low temperatures, winter brings the contrasts of darkness, and bright snow-reflected sunlight. We present the <i>Breaking of the Dawn</i> winter jacket, which detects the ambient light level and utilizes LEDs to light the darkness. Thermochromic ink patterning on the jacket(More)
We investigate the use of thermal feedback, i.e. the feeling of warmth and cold, as an output mechanism for hand-held device user interfaces (UIs). In a prototype implementation, we enhanced a console game controller with thermal elements, positioned under the user's fingertips. The prototype was evaluated using a simple video game, where the user was(More)