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Novice acquisition of skilled recall of chess positions was studied in an experiment in which two novices studied a series of five hundred chess positions during a period of several months. They spent fifteen minutes to half an hour a day teaching themselves these positions. As a result their skill in recalling chess positions rose from sixteen percent to(More)
To meet the requirements of building owners and users in environmental issues, life cycle assessment (LCA) has become an important method to monitor the ecological perspective during design and decision making processes. Existing LCA tools are separately available, but are missing the important links to other design tools, such as architectural, technical(More)
The suboccipital fossa approach to the fundus of the internal auditory canal (IAC) at acoustic neurinoma surgery was investigated in 32 temporal bones. A microdissection was done under the operating microscope in a specially constructed holder so that the surgeon's exposure and angles of view through the craniotomy were mimicked. It was possible to obtain(More)
We show that quantitative information on the electrical deactivation of doping can be obtained by combining the results of positron annihilation, secondary ion-mass spectrometry, and capacitance-voltage measurements. By applying this method to study the N doping of ZnS0.06Se0.94 , we can conclude that the fraction of electrically inactive nitrogen may vary(More)
The differences between Gobet's views and ours call attention to some points concerning the argumentative status of computational models. If we have two fundamentally different models which reasonably accurately simulate a phenomenon, we must ask, what is the argumentative status of the models in psychological terms. Moreover, if it is possible to present(More)
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