Tuomas Karskela

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Sulfa antibiotics (sulfonamides) are derivatives of p-aminobenzenesulfonamide that are widely used in veterinary medicine. Foods derived from treated animals may be contaminated with these drugs. However, current immunobased sulfonamide detection methods are unfit for screening of products because they are either too insensitive or specific for a few(More)
Phenoxybenzamine (PB), a classical alpha-adrenergic antagonist, binds irreversibly to the alpha-adrenergic receptors (ARs). Amino acid sequence alignments and the predicted helical arrangement of the seven transmembrane (TM) domains suggested an accessible cysteine residue in transmembrane 3 of the alpha(2)-ARs, in position C(3.36) (in subtypes A, B, and C(More)
A method for solid-supported synthesis of N,N-disubstituted (3H-imidazo[2,1-i]purin-7-yl)methyl amines has been developed. The key features of this library synthesis are: (i) immobilization of commercially available N6-benzoyl-5'-O-(4,4'-dimethoxytrityl)-2'-deoxyadenosine 3'-(2-cyanoethyl N,N-diisopropylphosphoramidite) by phosphitylation to a(More)
Synthetic glycoclusters are extensively used as mimetics of naturally occurring, multivalent carbohydrate ligands in various glycobiological applications. Their preparation, however, is far from trivial, and it still is a limiting factor in the study of carbohydrate binding. We herein report the synthesis of an orthogonally protected building block,(More)
A method for the synthesis of libraries of 4(5),1',5'-trisubstituted 2,4'-biimidazoles on a solid support was developed. (1) A trivalent scaffold, 2-(5'-amino-4(5)-formyl-1H,1'H-2,4'-biimidazol-1'-yl)acetic acid, was first prepared in solution by a two-step synthesis from ethyl adenin-9-ylacetate and bromomalonaldehyde. The product was coupled to an amino(More)
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