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The aim of the current work was to explore continuous dry powder mixing and direct compression for manufacturing of extended release (ER) matrix tablets. The study was span out with a challenging formulation design comprising ibuprofen compositions with varying particle size and a relatively low amount of the matrix former hydroxypropyl methylcellulose(More)
Drug manufacturing technology is in the midst of modernization and continuous manufacturing of drug products is especially the focus of great interest. The adoption of new manufacturing approaches requires extensive cooperation between industry, regulatory bodies, academics and equipment manufacturers. In this paper we introduce PROMIS-line which is a(More)
We report on the non-destructive quantification of the porosity of pharmaceutical compacts (microcrystalline cellulose tablets) by using both optical and terahertz techniques. For the full analysis of the porosity of pharmaceutical tablets, the results obtained in both cases have shown that optical and terahertz techniques are complementary. The intrinsic(More)
By measuring the time delay of a terahertz pulse traversing a tablet, and hence its effective refractive index, it is possible to non-invasively and non-destructively detect the weight of tablets made of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). Two sets of MCC tablets were used in the study: Set A (training set) consisted of 13 tablets with nominally constant(More)
The periodontal health status of 50 adult diabetics and 53 healthy controls was examined. The diabetic group was further divided into three subgroups according to the control of diabetes. Comparison between the entire diabetic group and the control group did not reveal any differences in either the amount of etiologic factors or in the degree of gingival(More)
Biconvex pharmaceutical microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) compacts were investigated by the detection of terahertz (THz) pulse delay in the transmission measurement mode. The dimensions of the tablets were kept as constants but the porosity was a priori known variable. It is shown that the porosity of the biconvex compact has a linear correlation with the(More)
In this study, terahertz time-domain spectroscopic (THz-TDS) technique has been used to ascertain the change in the optical properties, as a function of changing porosity and mass fraction of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), of training sets of pharmaceutical tablets. Four training sets of pharmaceutical tablets were compressed with microcrystalline(More)
In this study, the resolution of a time-domain terahertz spectrometer for tablet porosity measurements was estimated using two sets of pharmaceutical tablets. One set consisted of tablets with constant thickness and with porosity as a variable. The other set consisted of tablets with variable thickness and only a relatively small change in porosity. The set(More)
In this research, the tableting properties of α-melibiose monohydrate were studied. Melibiose is a disaccharide which bears structural resemblance to lactose, because they both consist of galactose and glucose monosaccharide subunits. Compactibility and deformation behavior of two melibiose batches from different suppliers were studied and compared with(More)
A non-contact, non-destructive technique for estimating the dye concentration of a tablet is presented. These measurements are performed by an optoelectronic system capable for fast acquisition of two-dimensional distribution of reflection spectra with high spatial resolution by using a subspace vector model of surface reflection. Vector components(More)