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Scenario management (SM) means different things to different people, even though everyone seems to admit its current importance and its further potential. In this paper, we seek to provide an interdisciplinary framework for SM from three major disciplines that use scenarios – strategic management, human-computer interaction, and software and systems(More)
Technology and societal changes are moving the global market rapidly towards a new economic order rooted in e-commerce. Hence, assessing and monitoring the e-readiness of a nation has become an increasing challenge. This paper proposes a framework to evaluate the e-readiness of a nation based on eight factors: digital infrastructure, macro economy, ability(More)
Decision Support Systems (DSSs), computer-based systems intended to assist managers in preparing and analyzing decisions, have been single-user systems for most of the past decade. Only recently has DSS research begun to study the implications of the fact that most complex managerial decisions involve multiple decision makers and analysts. A number of tools(More)
Electronic word-of-mouth, or eWOM, on e-commerce platforms has become ubiquitous and has recently generated renewed interest among researchers to explore its impact in the e-marketplace. However, published research to date has yet to study the impact of expert reviews on digital goods and their combined impact with users' reviews. In this paper, we conduct(More)
This research seeks to assess the impact of electronic Word-of-Mouth (eWOM) on sales performance of digital goods. Digital microproducts – such as Amazon.com's 49-cent short books, or Apple's 99-cent songs – are digital goods that can be sold anywhere, at any time, at a low acquisition cost and no delivery costs via Web-based electronic commerce. Set at a(More)