Tung Phan

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—We aim to develop self-healing networks that can detect degradation of streaming video quality of experience (QoE), react, and correct the pathology on the network. We present an architecture to assess real time video QoE of RTMP streams. Results from a small set of preliminary experiments demonstrate that we can predict video QoE with 70-80% accuracy(More)
Sapoviruses (SaVs) are enteric caliciviruses that have been detected in multiple mammalian species, including humans, pigs, mink, dogs, sea lions, chimpanzees, and rats. They show a high level of diversity. A SaV genome commonly encodes seven nonstructural proteins (NSs), including the RNA polymerase protein NS7, and two structural proteins (VP1 and VP2).(More)
One essential goal in education is to improve understanding of how humans acquire knowledge and how students vary in their abilities to learn. Building an intelligent agent that models student learning would be a significant achievement in the learning sciences. SimStudent is a state-of-the-art intelligent agent that simulates a human's learning process.(More)
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