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A marine agarolytic bacterium, designated strain TMA1(T), was isolated from a seawater sample collected in a shallow-water region of An-Ping Harbour, Taiwan. It was non-fermentative and Gram-negative. Cells grown in broth cultures were straight or curved rods, non-motile and non-flagellated. The isolate required NaCl for growth and exhibited optimal growth(More)
A Gram-negative, heterotrophic, agarolytic, marine bacterium, designated strain SA1T, was isolated from a seawater sample collected in the shallow coastal region of Keelung, Taiwan. Cells were straight to slightly curved rods. Nearly all of the cells were non-motile and non-flagellated during the exponential phase of growth in broth cultures; a few cells(More)
Two agarolytic strains of Gram-negative, heterotrophic, facultatively anaerobic, marine bacteria, designated AAM1T and AAT1T, were isolated from seawater samples collected in the shallow coastal region of An-Ping Harbour, Tainan, Taiwan. Cells grown in broth cultures were straight rods that were motile by means of a single polar flagellum. The two isolates(More)
This paper relates variation in stock market volatility to regime shifts in stock market returns. We apply a Markov switching model to market returns and examine the variation in volatility in different return regimes. We find that stock returns are best characterized by a model containing six regimes with significantly different volatility across the(More)
By using the sources of investment and based on provincial data, this paper examines the efficiency performance of the four sources of total investment in fixed assets in China for the period 1985–1998: state budget appropriation, national bank loans, self-raised funds, and foreign investment. The result of the panel data study shows that the growth of(More)
R ECENT studies (Borensztein and Ostry, 1996; Chow, 1993; and World Bank, 1997) document that the rapid growth in China since the early 1980s is accompanied by productivity increase in labour and capital. Evidence on the improvement in industrial productivity of state and collective sectors (Chen et al., 1988a and 1988b, Jefferson, 1989; and Jefferson,(More)
The aim of this paper is to illustrate how the stability of a stochastic dynamic system is measured using the Lyapunov exponents. Specifically, we use a feedforward neural network to estimate these exponents as well as asymptotic results for this estimator to test for unstable (chaotic) dynamics. The data set used is spot electricity prices from the Nordic(More)
  • T Y Liu
  • Sheng zhi yu bi yun = Reproduction and…
  • 1984
An electroprobe is used to analyze the elements and x-ray diffraction technology to determine the crystal structure of deposits on IUDs removed from the uterus, so that the chemical composition of these deposits may be studied. Deposits on a number of copper or stainless steel IUDs are removed and undergo electroprobe analysis, the results of which are(More)
The ability to conduct hypothesis tests is among the most important statistical skills that our students can learn. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult skills for them to learn. In our survey of 44 introductory business and economics statistics textbooks, we find that textbook authors differ over the better way to explain one-tailed(More)