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The Radio Link Frequency Assignment Problem is an abstraction of a real life military application that involves the assigning of frequencies to radio links. This problem set consists of eleven instances that are classed as either a Constraint Satisfaction Optimization Problem or a Partial Constraint Satisfaction Problem. Each problem has diierent(More)
The Processor Configuration Problem (PCP) is a Constraint Optimization Problem. The task is to link up a finite set of processors into a network, while minimizing the maximum distance between these processors. Since each processor has a limited number of communication channels, a carefully planned layout could minimize the overhead for message switching. In(More)
The Immune System is a complex adaptive system containing many details and many exceptions to established rules. Exceptions such as the suppression effect that causes T-cells to develop reversible aggressive and tolerant behaviors create difficulties for the study of immunology but also give hints to how artificial immune systems may be designed. Presented(More)
For MSR robots to successfully configure from one configuration into another, the control system must be able to visualize the current structure of the robot, which cannot be done without appropriate information about each module's docking status. Although the type of information required to visualize the structure of a MSR robot differs with the physical(More)