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Smart cards have been applied on password authentica-tion in recent years. A user can input his/her identity and password to require services from the remote server. There are various attacks through an insecure network to obtain a user's information. Therefore, many schemes are proposed to guarantee secure communication. However, a lot of schemes are not(More)
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are composed of a number of resource-constrained sensor nodes which are often deployed in unattended environments. Therefore, WSNs easily encounter a variety of physical attacks.In this paper, we focus on one of physical attacks known as node replication attack, where an intruder randomly captures a legitimate sensor node,(More)
A Wi-Fi has been able to accomplish great transmission due to its co-transfer mode. Each wireless network node has to rely on the way to achieve its mission of information transmission. In unattended sensing network environment , the relay process of how to select an appropriate relay nodes can adjust power consumption and communication quality, so it has(More)
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