Tung Hai Ta

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In a GPS receiver, the residual carrier frequency offset, which is the difference between the frequency estimated by the signal acquisition stage and the received one, cannot be neglected. This residual causes the receiver sensitivity loss and also the longer transient time from acquisition to tracking in the synchronization process. This paper proposes a(More)
Due to their attractive acquisition time performance, matched filter correlators are widely used in GPS signal acquisition engines. Existing methods to evaluate the GPS signal acquisition engine performance parameters viz. probability of detection and mean acquisition time are based on the assumption that the detection among the neighbouring test cells is(More)
The new GPS L5 signal with advanced characteristics in the signal structure is dedicated for safety-of-life applications that have strict requirements on accuracy, availability and integrity. To cope with this new signal, GPS receivers need to be upgraded with new signal processing blocks. This paper presents a robust acquisition architecture suitable for(More)
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