Tuneo Tanaka

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BACKGROUND A four-component system for urate transport in nephrons has been proposed and widely investigated by various investigators studying the mechanisms underlying urinary urate excretion. However, quantitative determinations of urate transport have not been clearly elucidated yet. METHODS The equation C(ua) = {C(cr)(1 - R(1)) + TSR}(1 - R(2)) was(More)
BACKGROUND Hyperuricemia cases (HU) can be classified into four subgroups by combining the two main causes of hyperuricemia, i.e. urate underexcretion and overproduction. These subgroups are as follows: underexcretion-type cases (UE); overproduction-type cases (OP); combined-type cases, and normal-type cases. Since urinary urate excretion (Uua) and urate(More)
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