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Speech signals convey various pieces of information such as the identity of its speaker, the language spoken, and the linguistic information about the text being spoken, etc. In this paper, we extract information about the cell phones from their speech records by using mel-frequency cepstrum coefficients and identify their brands and models. Closed-set(More)
The Cramér-Rao bound is derived for SNR estimation of BPSK modulated signals in Rayleigh fading channels with correlated dual MRC diversity. Özet: Rayleigh sönümlü kanallarda iki anten kullanarak en yüksek oran birleştirmeye dayalı ilintili çeşitleme duru-munda ikili evre kaydırmalı anahtarlama modülasyonlu işaretlerin işaret gürültü oranı kestiricilerine(More)
The impact of diversity combining on the matched filter bound of BPSK on time-discrete multipath slowly Rayleigh fading intersymbol interference channels is analysed. Expressions for the bound are derived for SNR selection , S+N selection, and also equal gain diversity combining. Numerical results for the derived bounds are presented on a GSM typical urban(More)
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