Tun-hsiang E. Yu

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Most prior studies have found that substituting biofuels for gasoline will reduce greenhouse gases because biofuels sequester carbon through the growth of the feedstock. These analyses have failed to count the carbon emissions that occur as farmers worldwide respond to higher prices and convert forest and grassland to new cropland to replace the grain (or(More)
The lock and dam system on the upper Mississippi and Illinois Rivers is aged and in segments with comparatively high traffic levels, barge delay has become troublesome. The economic benefit from upgrading locks is conceptually based on the willingness of users to pay for the improvements. This study attempts to learn more about the demand for grain barge(More)
Acknowledgments This report is intended to provoke discussion and debate that will lead to a vision among researchers in public institutions, seed companies, and the feed industry for modifying corn quality traits to enhance its nutrient value in livestock feed applications. This report also attempts to provide direction to farmer organizations and the corn(More)
Mario Aboytes-Ojeda 1, Krystel K. Castillo-Villar 1,*, Tun-hsiang E. Yu 2, Christopher N. Boyer 2, Burton C. English 2, James A. Larson 2, Lindsey M. Kline 3 and Nicole Labbé 3 1 Mechanical Engineering Department, The University of Texas at San Antonio, One UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249, USA; mario.aboytes@gmail.com 2 Department of Agricultural and(More)
A multiobjective optimization model integrating with high-resolution geographical data was applied to examine the optimal switchgrass supply system in Tennessee that considers both feedstock cost and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the system. Results suggest that the type of land converted into switchgrass production is crucial to both plant gate cost(More)
This study optimized the net present value (NPV) of profit of various switchgrass-based ethanol supply chains and estimated associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in west Tennessee. Three configurations of feedstock harvesting and storage, including a large round baler system, a large square baler system, and a chopping/densification system, were(More)
This study examines food-fuel trade-offs from the perspective of crop producers and their choices in marketing their grain among food, feed and fuel use. Based on a recent survey of Iowa grain producers, this study finds that price competition from ethanol plants has increased the share of the corn marketed directly to ethanol plants and lowered the market(More)
Uniformly distributed ZnO nanowall network structures were grown at 550 degrees C by organometallic chemical vapor deposition technique on the GaN/sapphire substrate without using any catalysts. In this research, we discussed the nanostructures and optical properties of ZnO samples grown under the same conditions but on different underlying materials(More)
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