Tummala Rajesh

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We aim to develop an expert system (ES) to the farmers in Meghalaya state for managing rice diseases. The rice diseases prevailing in this area were identified and confirmed after discussion with the domain experts and interacting with the farmers through structured interview schedule. The diagnosed rice diseases were Blast (Pyricularia grisea), Brown Spot(More)
— Among the various network protocols that can be used to stream the video data, RTP over UDP is the best to do with real time streaming in H.264 based video streams. Videos transmitted over a communication channel are highly prone to errors; it can become critical when UDP is used. In such cases real time error concealment becomes an important aspect. A(More)
Video transport over ad hoc networks is more challenging than over other wireless networks. The wireless links in an ad hoc network are not very much error resilient and can go down frequently because of node mobility, interference, channel fading, and the lack of infrastructure. Moreover, typical video applications may need a higher bandwidth and higher(More)
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