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This paper presents an attractive approach for teaching the large three-phase synchronous generator under unbalanced steady-state condition of the 500 kV EHV Jawa-Madura-Bali (or Jamali) system to which it is connected using Matlab's Graphical User Interface (GUI) capability. Whereas two unbalanced steady-state conditions of the grid are obtained by setting(More)
The latest generation of FACTS devices, the convertible static compensator (CSC) [1], is the progress of several innovative operating concepts in the historic development and application FACTS. One of the concepts is the GUPFC or multi-line UPFC have been done, which can control bus voltage and power flows of more than one line or according to even a(More)
Currently the use of outdoor polymeric insulator materials are increasing in electrical distribution and transmission lines. One of them that are very popular is epoxy resins insulation material. There are several advantages of epoxy resins materials such as they have lower density mass, better dielectric properties, and higher volume resistivity compared(More)
Currently polymer materials have been widely used in the distribution and transmission as electrical insulators such as epoxy resin. Several advantages of using epoxy resin as an insulating material are its low density, better dielectric properties, and epoxy resin has higher volume resistivity than that of the glass and porcelain. However, epoxy resin has(More)
The hydrophobicity on surface of insulator material in outdoor is very important. In humid and the rainy conditions, the insulator surface must not easily wet, so that the surface conductivity of insulators remain low, thus the surface leakage current is very small. Therefore the polymeric insulator must be hydrophobic and withstand against environmental(More)
The quality of electrical power basically is all issues relating to the electrical power, including deviation of the normal condition of voltage, current and frequency. The electronic equipment currently used in households generate significant current harmonic distortion. The objective of this research is to map and reduce the harmonic distortion on(More)
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