Tumba Delia

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The Suzuki coupling reaction has been used extensively for the synthesis of a wide variety of unsymmetrical biaryl compounds. We have extended this reaction to demonstrate the utility of preparing monophenyl-, diphenyl-, or triphenylpyrimidine depending on the reaction conditions. Further, it has been shown that chloropyrimidine substrates are preferable(More)
An extension of the Mannich reaction, in which aminomethylation of the five position of uracil, is reported. Thus, primary and secondary alkylamines and primary aromatic amines containing ring-activating groups led to the title compounds 3-10. Compound 11 in which the aromatic ring contains the ring-deactivating nitro group was synthesized in an alternative(More)
Despite the importance of visual acuity testing in children, no standard testing protocol was found for primary school pupils. Visual acuity screening was conducted on 400 primary school pupils in Nigeria using the HOTV protocol, nearly all the pupils 390/400 (97.5 %) had good binocular vision, only 10/400 (2.5 %) had poor vision which were monocular. Of(More)
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