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According to forecasts, by 2018 the number of mobile phone subscribers worldwide could cross the four billion barrier. Mauritius is also witnessing a major growth in mobile subscriptions and the total number of mobile subscriptions was 1,533,600 in 2013. Recently, there has been a growing concern with regards to the energy consumption of mobile phones which(More)
In mobile communication systems such as LTE, Hybrid-ARQ (HARQ) schemes based on Turbo codes have proved to be very effective in ensuring reliable transmission. However, several modified HARQ and Turbo decoding strategies have been recently developed to further improve performance. This paper proposes an enhanced coding scheme for LTE which couples a(More)
Video compression standards such as H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC are widely used in applications such as video conferencing, streaming and television broadcasting. These compression standards have been ubiquitously adopted due to their high compression performance as compared to previous standards. However, compressed video may suffer from severe degradation(More)
This paper proposes an enhanced framework for H.264 video transmission whereby prioritised delay constrained retransmissions and error concealment have been employed. With the prioritisation framework, the impact of all lost macroblocks on the reconstructed frame is first assessed and macroblocks with the highest impact are given higher priority to be(More)