Tulshi Bezboruah

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A prototype research web application based on Visual Studio platform is developed with .NET as framework, Internet Information Server (IIS) (Version: 5.1) as web server and Microsoft Standard Query Language (SQL) Server (Version: 2005) as database server to study the performance and evaluation of the .NET technique used for developing the web application.(More)
We present the design and testing of a 16-bit frequency to digital converter, based on AT89C51 micro-controller, for use in sensing applications. The system generates digital equivalents of frequencies by counting negative transitions of transistor transistor logic signal applied to a designated input of the microcontroller's on-chip counter. The system(More)
We have designed, developed and implemented a hierarchical web service using Java as programming language, apache tomcat as web server, MySQL as database server to study the performance of the web service. The web service has been tested by deploying it on Mercury Load Runner to study various attributes like load and performance of the service, scalability(More)
An innovative data-acquisition circuit for temperature monitoring and control is designed and interfaced to printer port of a web server computer. Further, an interactive web application program has been developed and kept running in the server computer for controlling the operation of the data-acquisition circuit. Authenticated clients can access the web(More)
Web service is accepted by all communities of services due to its interoperability, flexibility of design and architecture. Improving performance is the key research point for developers and researchers. We propose to design, develop and implement a prototype research electronic automated teller machine web service to study the loads, performance and(More)