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Measures represent important data in all engineering disciplines. This data allows engineers to understand how things work and how to make changes to produce desired results. In software engineering, it is difficult to collect useful measures because developers do not consider it an important activity, compared to coding. Moreover, manual collected data is(More)
The automatic assessment of the level of independence of a person, based on the recognition of a set of Activities of Daily Living, is among the most challenging research fields in Ambient Intelligence. The article proposes a framework for the recognition of motion primitives, relying on Gaussian Mixture Modeling and Gaussian Mixture Regression for the(More)
ÐThis paper reports on an empirical research based on two software products. The research goal is to ascertain the impact of the adoption of a reuse policy on customer satisfaction. The results show that when a systematic reuse policy is implemented, such as the adoption of a domain specific library, 1) reuse is significantly positively correlated with(More)
As component oriented programming becomes more popular, the need emerges for the definition of a suitable set of metrics to describe the internal attributes of components. This paper presents a set of component metrics based on the Chidamber and Kemerer metrics suite (1994). The metrics is validated with the properties based approach by (Briand et al.,(More)
Introducing software reuse at a corporate wide level represents one of the most promising means of addressing rising costs plaguing the software industry. A series of mechanisms are needed for shortening development cycles and providing reliable software of high quality which will be more maintainable and flexible for future extensions.This paper presents(More)
The growing availability of COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) components in the software market has concretized the possibility of building whole systems based on components. In this multitude, a recurrent problem is the location and selection of the components that best fit the requirements. Commercial repositories that offer search mechanisms have reduced(More)
There is still no standardization of software measures and metrics extraction tools have to be updated frequently to handle the changes. A possible solution is represented by using an intermediate abstraction layer to decouple the information extraction process from the use of the information. In this way a metrics researcher do not have to deal with(More)
7 Abstract 8 Software measures are important to evaluate software properties like complexity, reusability, maintainability, effort 9 required, etc. Collecting such data is difficult because of the lack of tools that perform acquisition automatically. It is 10 not possible to implement a manual data collection because it is error prone and very time(More)