Tullio Tolio

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In this paper fuzzy set theory has been applied to discrete event simulation to model uncertainty in input data. Various approaches to fuzzy simulation have been proposed in literature, even if many problems are still to be solved. The key points are how to manage the simulation event list and how to update the fuzzy simulation clock. These two tasks are(More)
Quality and production logistics have been traditionally considered as separate fields, both by researchers and industrialists. However, during the design phase of production systems, the decisions taken as an answer to productivity requirements have an impact on product quality; similarly the decisions taken to meet quality requirements affect the(More)
Manufacturing systems can be thought as production networks nodes whose relations have a strong impact on design and analysis of each system. One of the most common techniques to support these tasks is Discrete-Event Simulation. The state-of-the art commercial simulators are already adopted to analyze complex networked systems, but the development of a(More)
The paper proposes a new integrated approach for supporting firms in their decisions of dimensioning automated production systems. The problem is closely related to the performance evaluation of the system since discriminating indicators are necessary to rank different alternatives. Traditionally analytical methods and simulation have been used to evaluate(More)
Discrete event simulation based on the object oriented approach is an interesting research area mainly composed by two research topics: the design of object oriented simulation language and the definition of methodologies that starting from a conceptual modeling phase guides the simulation designer to develop an object oriented simulator. The two subjects(More)