Tulin Kaman

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We study the Rayleigh-Taylor (RT) mixing layer, presenting simulations in agreement with experimental data. This problem is an idealized subproblem of important scientific and engineering problems, such as gravitationally induced mixing in oceanography and performance assessment for inertial confinement fusion. Engineering codes commonly achieve correct(More)
Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) for fluid mixing depends on the length scales for observation: macro, meso and micro, each with its own UQ requirements. New results are presented here for macro and micro observables. For the micro observables, recent theories argue that convergence of numerical simulations in Large Eddy Simulations (LES) should be governed(More)
Computational resources on modern high-performance computers are underutilized mainly due to hardware and software performance bottlenecks. Identification of bottlenecks is primary goal of performance analysis, and performance tools are essential for this purpose. In this poster, we demonstrate a case study of the use of the TAU Toolkit to tune the front(More)
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