Tulay Olcer

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Doppler waveform changes can be found in chronic parenchymal liver disease, especially in the late stages. We investigated the contribution of Doppler ultrasound in diagnosing early-stage chronic parenchymal liver disease. In this prospective study, 30 patients who had been diagnosed with chronic liver disease (Child-Pugh class A) and 30 healthy subjects(More)
The management of biliary disorders in patients with Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy anastomosis is challenging and remains controversial. Our aim is to share our experiences of endoscopic treatment via a permanent access loop in 5 patients. Endoscopic treatment via a permanent access loop is an invaluable procedure for the management of stenotic(More)
BACKGROUND Coronary artery anomalies are evaluated by using catheter-based angiography. Multidetector row-computed tomography (MDCT) is a new noninvasive imaging technique that has excellent spatial resolution for detecting the origin and course of a coronary anomalous vessel. OBJECTIVE To determine the sensitivity of multidetector computed tomography in(More)
In the present study, we determined how Doppler waveforms of the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) are affected by inflammatory processes in the ileocecal region. Twenty-two patients (aged 20-69 years) with ileocecal region inflammation (ICRI) were examined with duplex Doppler Ultrasonography to establish whether any significant changes were present in the(More)
BACKGROUND Coronary angiography is the gold standard for diagnosing coronary artery fistulas (CAFs). Multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) is a recently developed imaging technique for detecting coronary artery stenosis, coronary artery anomalies, and coronary artery fistulas and their courses. OBJECTIVE We aimed to determine accuracy or sensitivity of(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the effect of visceral fat area on the distance and angle between the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) and the aorta. METHODS On axial and sagittal images from abdomen CT scan, the distance and the angle between the SMA and the aorta were measured at the location where the third part of the duodenum crosses. The visceral fat area(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography(ERCP), as with other fluoroscopic procedures, carries the risk of exposure of staff to radiation. However, over the last two decades, only a few studies have investigated this risk. OBJECTIVE The aim of this work was to evaluate the dose of radiation exposure to staff participating in ERCP(More)
Phytobezoars are an unusual cause of small bowel obstruction. We report a case of small bowel obstruction due to phytobezoar in a 63 year-old female patient who had undergone gastric surgery (truncal vagotomy with pyloroplasty) for duodenal ulcer disease complicated by gastric outlet obstruction 10 years ago. We diagnosed this bezoar case by radiologic(More)
PURPOSE To determine the ability to visualize the origin of the right inferior phrenic artery (RIPA) and the left inferior phrenic artery (LIPA) by multidetector row computed tomography (MDCT) in a population without disease of the liver. METHODS The origin of the RIPAs and the LIPAs were evaluated using arterial-phase MDCT images in 200 patients. (More)