Tukasa Kondo

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Hiccup reflex is a coordinated motor activity that causes a brief strong inspiratory movement accompanied by glottic adduction. Our previous study has demonstrated that mechanical stimulation of the dorsal epipharynx elicits hiccup-like response. To identify the afferent pathway of the hiccup-like response, the pharyngeal branch of the glossopharyngeal(More)
A medico-legal autopsy case of hydranencephaly in a male infant which was first suspected of maternal infanticide is reported. The infant was 48 cm in height, weighed 2.86 kg and the circumference of the head, the chest and the abdomen was 32.2 cm, 31.0 cm and 30.4 cm, respectively, with no deformities of the head or body. Autopsy examination, however,(More)
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