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In this paper we have explained the detailed work done in developing a system which can be used for the purpose of opinion analysis of a product or a service. The system readily processes the tweets by pulling data from tweeter posts, preprocessing it and connecting to Alchemy API by REST call method. and showing the result graphically. We have given the(More)
The Unified Modeling Language (UML), with its 14 different diagram types, is the de-facto standard modeling language for object-oriented software modeling and documentation. Since the various UML diagrams describe different views of one, and only one, software system under development, they strongly depend on each other in many ways. In other words, the UML(More)
Software development guidelines are a set of rules which can help improve the quality of software. These rules are defined on the basis of experience gained by the software development community over time. This paper discusses a set of design guidelines for model-based development of complex real-time embedded software systems. To be precise, we propose(More)
  • T. K. Das
  • 2015
Most of the service providers and product based companies while launching brand new products, services or releasing new versions of existent products need to campaign to reach at the potential customers. While doing so they target their already existing customers who are the ambassadors of their company. To address the existing customers, they maintain the(More)
Sentiment analysis is a very popular technique for social network analysis. Sentiment analysis also termed as opinion mining is a process of automatically extracting knowledge from sentiments or opinions of others about some topic or problem. We can identify opinions in a large unstructured/structured data and analyze the polarity of opinions. Twitter is a(More)
In this paper we have explained the detailed work done in developing a framework which can be used for the purpose of discovering business intelligence with the help of decision rules induced from the customer reviews of a product or a service posted online. We have explained the analysis for the product Samsung Galaxy S5. Our proposed framework has been(More)
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