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Conflict Resolution Curve: Concept and Reality
Conflict resolution curve (CRC) separates conflict styles into two separate domains: domain of competing entities and domain of accommodating entities. There is a sort of agreement between targetsExpand
Can Singularity Problem in Economics be solved by Omnipotent Mathematics?
In mathematics, singularity signifies a point at which a given mathematical function or its derivatives is not defined. Singularities are mostly mathematical that occur in the mathematical modelsExpand
Cross-Sectional Views of GDP Growth in the Light of Innovations
This paper involves an analysis to investigate the limits to GDP growth in the present economic scenario. One objective of this study is to investigate how innovation alters these limits to economicExpand
CRC Approach Towards Trade War Resolution
The on-going trade conflict between US and China, called the trade war, is a burning issue of the day. One major factor of trade war is protectionism. Apart from protectionism there are other reasonsExpand
Monte Carlo Simulation of Damage by Disaster: A Case Study in West Bengal
Of all natural disasters, floods are the most consistently recurring events in India. India has several regions that are particularly vulnerable to floods. During the last decade India was affectedExpand
India and Pakistan Conflict: A Way towards Resolution
Conflict between India and Pakistan is one of the major conflicts in the world today. The conflict has been continued since the creation of Pakistan out of India in 1947 and turned into several warsExpand
Conflicts and Socioeconomic Consequences in Northeast India
History, culture, religion and identity are often used to legitimise conflicts. But these causes not always act as the sole divisive forces to initiate conflict unless there are economic reasons.Expand
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