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OBJECTIVES Influenza causes annual seasonal epidemics around the world. Periodically, a genetically novel strain of influenza circulates worldwide, causing an influenza pandemic. The present study aims to assess the clinical profile, factors determining the response, prognosis of the disease and outcome in H1N1 positive patients during 2009-2010 H1N1(More)
Liver defend the PAMPs or DAMPs via regulation of innate immunity through modulation of “TOLL LIKE RECEPTORS and NOD LIKE RECEPTORS” A breakdown of tolerance may induce in appropriate immune response leads to acute and chronic liver diseases like NASH/NAFLD thus considered as disorders of immune response. HFD is itself a basic component for generating(More)
AIMS The goal of this study was to investigate the changes in arterial stiffness by evaluation of arterial stiffness index and pulse wave velocity in community dwelling tobacco user females and to correlate those changes with duration of tobacco use, amount consumed and severity of addiction. METHODS This observational cohort study was conducted in(More)
We report here a case of Shapiro syndrome who presented with episodic generalized sweating, hypotension, and hypothermia. Brain magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated corpus callosum agenesis with colpocephaly. Patient was treated with Clonidine and Propranolol. This case is being reported here because only a few cases of Shapiro Syndrome are reported in(More)
Fig. 1 : Pappulonodular lesions over the face Fig. 2: Pappulonodular lesions over the tongue and soft palate Fig. 3: Smear biopsy of the skin lesion showing multiple amastigotes of Leishmania tropica intracellularly A 27 year old Hindu male, resident of district Barmer, Rajasthan , presented with multiple, diffuse, brownish, non umbilicated, papulonodular,(More)
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