Tuhin Bhattacharya

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The PetaFlops Router is a new approach to computing wherein network architecture and compute decisions are customized for a particular application. New Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and router technologies including multi-gigabit transceivers and application specific blocks can provide vastly improved performance. The PetaFlops Router provides(More)
Modern-day devices like smart-phones, tablets, televisions etc. possess very powerful processors and huge storage capacities compared to what were available a few years ago. Most of these devices are also connected to the Internet. However, the full capabilities of these devices are not fully harnessed and thus, they are not as intelligent as they could be.(More)
Interaction with a robot has been an active area of research since the inception of robotics. Talking to a robot has always been considered the most natural way to communicate with it. But it is not always possible to have a full-fledged, standalone speech processing engine to be present on a robot or on a single machine. A dedicated system to convert the(More)
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