Tugba Palabas

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In this study intended to salt and pepper noise in gray level digital image is reduced with adaptive fuzzy filter(ABF) method. Filtering process is realized in two stages. In the first stage, amount of salt and pepper noise has been detected in the image. In the second stage, noise is reduced by a filter that of coefficients are determined according to(More)
This paper presents an adaptive fuzzy filter combined with median filter (AFM) to the reduction of intensive salt and pepper noise in gray level images. Firstly, noisy pixels are detected using spatial neighborhood and variance of the pixel values. Then, noisy pixels are mainly removed with adaptive fuzzy filter, and then median filter is used for removing(More)
The automatic determination of urgent operational needs to accelerate the patient management for trauma patients brought to emergency services is important. In this study, a method to help the segmentation of liver, which is the most damaged organ due to its volume and location as a result of the abdominal trauma, is proposed. An abdominal trauma usually(More)
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