Tufan Güray

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This study describes a capillary zone electrophoretic method for the determination of patulin. An optimum run buffer was found to be 25 mM of sodium tetraborate and 10% acetonitrile (v/v) at pH 10. Optimum conditions were determined to be: an applied voltage of 25 kV (normal polarity), temperature of 25°C and injection time of 10 s at 50 mbar; the signals(More)
In this study, 2, 2', 3, 4-tetrahydroxy-3'-sulpho-5'-carboxyazobenzene (tetrahydroxyazon SC) has been synthesized for the first time and used for direct spectrophotometric determination of zirconium(IV). Tetrahydroxyazon SC in a 5.0 M acidic medium (up to pH 6) with zirconium(IV) gave a red complex (Zr-tetrahydroxyazon SC), which has maximum absorption at(More)
2,2',3,4-Tetrahydroxy-3',5'-disulphoazobenzene (tetrahydroxyazon 2S) has been synthesized for the first time. This reagent has been used for the spectrophotometric determination of aluminium and indium ions. The method is very sensitive and selective for the direct determination of aluminium and indium. The optimum pH and absorbance of complexes formed of(More)
The acidity constants, pK(a) values for protonation of some substituted thiazole derivatives were calculated by using AM1 and PM3 basis sets of semi-empirical methods and B3LYP/6-31G(d) basis sets of density functional theory (DFT) calculated physical and thermodynamic parameters. Correlation search among the experimental and calculated acidity constants,(More)
A validated rapid and sensitive capillary zone electrophoretic method for the determination of olopatadine hydrochloride (OLO) is described. Optimum conditions were found: 20 mmol/L sodium tetraborate buffer, acetonitrile 15% (v/v), 10 mmol/L NaCl at pH 9.5, with 25 kV of applied potential, injection time of 10 s at 5 × 103 N/m2, at a wavelength of 205 nm,(More)
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