Tudor Timofte

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Ln6(mu6-O)(mu3-OH)8(H2O)24]I8(H2O)(8) (Ln = Nd, Eu, Tb, Dy) compounds are obtained as the final hydrolysis products of lanthanide triiodides in an aqueous solution. Their X-ray crystal structure features a body-centered arrangement of oxygen-centered {Ln6X8}8+ cluster cores: [Nd6(mu6-O)(mu3-OH)8(H2O)24]I8(H2O)8 [Pearson code oP156, orthorhombic, Pnnm (No.(More)
Ionic liquids with the weakly coordinating perfluoroalkoxyaluminate anions, Al(ORF)4-, are obtained by a metathesis reaction of LiAl(ORF)4 and [bmim]Cl or [bmpyr]Cl in high yields. The compounds [bmim][Al(hfip)4] and [bmpyr][Al(hfip)4] have surprisingly low viscosities at elevated temperatures (60 degrees C) and an exceptionally high electrochemical window,(More)
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