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We propose a novel human face recognition approach in this paper, based on two-dimensional Gabor filtering and supervised classification. The feature extraction technique proposed in this article uses 2D Gabor filter banks and produces robust 3D face feature vectors. A supervised classifier, using minimum average distances, is developed for these vectors.(More)
In this paper, we propose an automatic unsupervised classification technique. The method works successfully for any kind of feature vectors, therefore we insist on classification step of recognition process only. First we propose an semiautomatic unsupervised classification approach, based on region-growing method. Then, by eliminating the condition of(More)
An automatic multiple person detection and tracking technique for static camera movies is proposed in this paper. First, a moving human identification method is provided. It detects the video objects by using a novel temporal differencing based algorithm and some morphological processes. Then, our approach decides which moving objects represent walking(More)
A nonlinear diffusion based image denoising technique is introduced in this paper. The proposed PDE denoising and restoration scheme is based on a novel diffusivity function that uses an automatically detected conductance parameter. A robust mathematical treatment is also provided for our anisotropic diffusion model. We demonstrate that edge-stopping(More)