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Matthew 21:1–11
The Soldiers’ Inscription and the Angel’s Word: The Significance of “Jesus” in Matthew’s Titulus
Abstract This article defends the rarely encountered suggestion that Matthew’s insertion of “Jesus” in the titulus (27:37) recalls the word of the Angel to Joseph: “You will call his name Jesus, forExpand
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The Historical Jesus and the Law: The Form of His Activity and the Impact of Social Reputation
Abstract:Historical Jesus research has traditionally concentrated on reconstructing Jesus' intentions and discerning his views on particular topics. That is especially true when it comes to theExpand
Jeremiah 7 and Flavius Josephus on the First Jewish War
Abstract Study of Josephus’ interpretation of the Bible has focused on the paraphrase in Antiquities, but Josephus continued to engage Scripture in his post-biblical history. This article contendsExpand
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John the Baptist, Isaiah 40, and the Ingathering of the Exiles
Many who argue that Jesus was a herald of Israel’s eschatological restoration have also suggested that he expected the ingathering of the exiles. Studies of John the Baptist have typically focused onExpand
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