Tucker Maney

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Mitotic centromere-associated kinesin (MCAK) is a microtubule depolymerizer that is consistent with its role in promoting chromosome segregation during mitosis. Here we show that the conserved motor domain of MCAK is necessary but not sufficient for microtubule depolymerization in cells or in vitro. The addition of only 30 amino acids N-terminal to the(More)
Dialogue inferencing is the knowledge-intensive process of inferring aspects of a user's problem from its partial description. Conversational case-based reasoning (CCBR) systems, which interactively and incrementally elicit a user's problem description , suuer from poor retrieval eeciency (i.e., they prompt the user with questions that the user has already(More)
This review summarizes results concerning the molecular nature of the higher eucaryotic kinetochore. The first major section of this review includes kinetochore proteins whose general functions remain to be determined, precluding their entry into a discrete functional category. Many of the proteins in this section, however, are likely to be involved in(More)
Mitotic centromere-associated kinesin (MCAK) is important for anaphase chromosome segregation. MCAK is diffusely localized to both the cytoplasm and the nucleus during interphase. At prophase MCAK is recruited to mitotic centromeres. It is associated with centromeres throughout mitosis and then returns to exhibiting a diffuse nuclear and cytoplasmic(More)
Economic globalization and the needs of the intelligence community have brought machine translation into the forefront. There are not enough skilled human translators to meet the growing demand for high quality translations or “good enough” translations that suffice only to enable understanding. Much research has been done in creating translation systems to(More)
A respriation chamber of low original cost was used, which because of its large size was adapted to handling samples of considerable bulk or quatity. The most important feature of the chamber was its wide mouth, which permitted easy insertion and removal of samples. With the double system of connections, either total or intermittent determinations were made(More)
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