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Reported experimental and computational results confirm that both the flow features and heat-transfer rates inside a condenser depend on the specification of inlet, wall, and exit conditions. The results show that the commonly occurring condensing flows' special sensitivity to changes in exit conditions (i.e., changes in exit pressure) arises from the ease(More)
To overcome the limitations/disadvantages of many known liquid film thickness sensing devices (viz. conductivity probes, reflectance based fiber-optics probes, capacitance probes, etc.), a new liquid film thickness sensor that utilizes fluorescence phenomena and fiber-optic technology has been developed and reported here. Measurements from this sensor are(More)
Captive bubbles on a superhydrophobic (SH) surface have been shown to increase in volume via injection of air through the surrounding plastron. The experimental contact diameter against volume trends were found to follow that predicted by the Surface Evolver simulation generally but corresponded with the simulated data at contact angle (CA) = 158° when the(More)
The high elastic modulus and interlayer strengths of graphite flakes make them a durable solid superlubricant. Apart from this, they have configurable electrical properties, exhibit quantum Hall effects, and possess a myriad of useful photonic properties. The self-retraction behavior of graphite flakes can have significant impact on the creation of ordered(More)
In the context of a bioreactor, cells are sensitive to cues from other cells and mechanical stimuli from movement. The ability to provide the latter in a discrete fluidic system presents a significant challenge. From a prior finding that the location of the focus of a laser below particles relative to the beam axis producing a pushing effect in a(More)
An anisotropic macromolecule confined between two surfaces displays Brownian motion predominantly in the plane parallel to these surfaces. It can be expected that both the rotational and translational diffusion coefficients are strongly affected by hydrodynamic interactions with the walls. This work studies the more extreme case in which a rodlike particle(More)
Appropriate monochromatic illumination that is spatially uniform will ensure densitometry of stained polyacrylamide electrophoresis gels with high sensitivity and repeatability. The approach of using an array of LEDs as an illuminator has practical limitations. Here we describe an alternative method based on adapted liquid crystal display backlighting. By(More)
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