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Students who develop a strong interest in another field can hardly be fair target for retention efforts. There are others, however, who might do very well in this field but who leave computer science because of misunderstandings about and a negative experience in this academic major. Retention literature suggests and provides numerous examples of(More)
The emergence of wireless technologies and advancements in on-body sensor design can enable change in the conventional health-care system, replacing it with wearable health-care systems, centred on the individual. Wearable monitoring systems can provide continuous physiological data, as well as better information regarding the general health of individuals.(More)
It is common knowledge that enrollments in computer science have plummeted and educators are challenged to find ways to engage and promote success and retention of students while maintaining standards in introductory computer science courses. This study focuses on the implementation of a collaborative, modified peer-led team learning (PLTL) instructional(More)
Managing the transit vessel traffic in the Strait of Istanbul is a highly complex operation since vessels, weather and water conditions, and a set of regulations affect its operation significantly. At the present time, the VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) operators manage the traffic based on some fundamental rules. After discussions with the VTS, in this(More)
An analytical formulation for relative dielectric constant retrieval is reconstructed to establish a relationship between the response of a spiral microstrip resonator and effective relative dielectric constant of a lossy superstrate, such as biological tissue. To do so, an analytical equation is modified by constructing functions for the two unknowns, the(More)
This paper presents a review of some current work conducted at Queen Mary University of London, related to antennas and propagation for body-centric wireless communications. Aspects related to measurement setup, numerical modelling, channel characteristics are briefly discussed. Applications and future trend of this research will be also presented.
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