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When we ask people what they value most, health is usually top of the list. While effective care is available for many chronic diseases, the fact remains that for the patient, the tax payer and the whole of society: prevention is better than cure. Diabetes and its complications are a serious threat to the survival and well-being of an increasing number of(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence and socioeconomic burden of type 2 diabetes (T2DM) and associated co-morbidities are rising worldwide. AIMS This guideline provides evidence-based recommendations for preventing T2DM. METHODS A European multidisciplinary consortium systematically reviewed the evidence on the effectiveness of screening and interventions for T2DM(More)
Students who develop a strong interest in another field can hardly be fair target for retention efforts. There are others, however, who might do very well in this field but who leave computer science because of misunderstandings about and a negative experience in this academic major. Retention literature suggests and provides numerous examples of(More)
BACKGROUND The marked increase of type 2 diabetes necessitates active development and implementation of efficient prevention programs. A European level action has been taken by launching the IMAGE project to unify and improve the various prevention management concepts, which currently exist within the EU. This report describes the background and the methods(More)
This paper presents a review of some current work conducted at Queen Mary University of London, related to antennas and propagation for body-centric wireless communications. Aspects related to measurement setup, numerical modelling, channel characteristics are briefly discussed. Applications and future trend of this research will be also presented.
INTRODUCTION/OBJECTIVE Poor workflow associated with physician rounding can produce inefficiencies that decrease time for essential activities, delay clinical decisions, and reduce staff and patient satisfaction. Workflow and provider resources were not optimized when a pediatric intensive care unit increased by 22,000 square feet (to 33,000) and by nine(More)
It is common knowledge that enrollments in computer science have plummeted and educators are challenged to find ways to engage and promote success and retention of students while maintaining standards in introductory computer science courses. This study focuses on the implementation of a collaborative, modified peer-led team learning (PLTL) instructional(More)
An analytical formulation for relative dielectric constant retrieval is reconstructed to establish a relationship between the response of a spiral microstrip resonator and effective relative dielectric constant of a lossy superstrate, such as biological tissue. To do so, an analytical equation is modified by constructing functions for the two unknowns, the(More)
RF sensing of glucose dependent dielectric properties is emerging as an alternative non-invasive technique to the existing measurement methods. In this study, the dielectric properties of dextrose solutions are investigated with an open ended slim form dielectric probe in order to identify the most suitable frequency of operation for an RF sensor.(More)
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