Tuba Erdogan

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We investigate leaky-mode propagation of the cladding modes of an optical fiber through coupling with a long-period fiber grating. A one-dimensional ray propagation model is applied. Experimental measurements are compared to a transfer-matrix model to estimate the cladding mode losses. Losses are also measured using an all-fiber Mach-Zehnder mode(More)
We fabricate highly blazed, polarization-sensitive fiber grating taps and show how these may be used in combination with a UV-induced fiber waveplate to form a compact, in-fiber polarimeter. We show how the polarimeter may be employed as a feedback element to control polarization and use the feedback loop to demonstrate the stable, broadband (>70 nm)(More)
High-power 980-nm strained quantum well diode lasers having low reflectivity facet coatings are sensitive to weak reflections that affect the laser emission spectrum. In devices having 0.2% output facet reflectivity, 2% reflections from an external plane mirror shifted the output spectrum from 970 to 1000 mn. Wavelength stabilization and improved immunity(More)
High power 980-nm strained QW semiconductor lasers connected to the input ports of a 4/spl times/4-fused fiber star coupler are simultaneously wavelength-locked through reflection from a single narrow-band fiber grating connected to one output port. This configuration enables simple pump wavelength control, inhibits deleterious pump-laser interactions, and(More)
A reflective optical mixer based on four-photon mixing is used to generate a phase conjugate copy of an input optical signal of arbitrary polarization. For some polarization states of the pump and signal, the phase conjugate signal is polarization-scrambled. Measurements at 1.8 Gb/s confirm the potential use of the reflective optical mixer in lightwave(More)
A packaged hybrid soliton pulse source is used in a soliton transmission experiment employing sliding-frequency guiding filters. The source shows excellent stability and very clean tuning characteristics. Control of the operating frequency and wavelength are described. Error free transmission at 10 GBit/s is achieved over a distance of 27000 km.<<ETX>>
We present some coupling properties of spiral fiber gratings. LP/sub 01/ modes in spiral fiber gratings were demonstrated and analyzed to couple efficiently to both LP/sub 11/ even and odd modes. LP/sub 01/ modes were shown to efficiently couple to both LP/sub 11/ even and odd modes by spiral gratings as predicted. A spiral fiber grating that converts the(More)
BACKGROUND High anxiety has been reported in patients with drug hypersensitivity reaction (DHR); however, its relationship with the test results was not studied previously. OBJECTIVE We aimed to investigate the association of patient anxiety with the results of drug tests together with the other contributing factors. METHODS Sixty-seven patients were(More)
  • Kyung Shik Lee, Tuba Erdogan
  • IEEE Photonics Technology Letters
  • 1999
In this letter, we describe the properties of broadband single-sided and double-sided transmissive tilted gratings for LP/sub 10/-to-LP/sub 11/ mode coupling. Some of the tilted gratings show nearly complete coupling over a 30-nm wavelength range, and appreciable coupling over a spectral width as wide as 160 nm. Coupling properties of single-sided and(More)
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